Also know as: Anita Pansy, Sonia Berger, Sonia Bergher

Short biography: Anita is an incredibly beautiful woman and she has a fantastic smile. Born in Budapest on April 11, 1975, Anita got her start in 1994 when she was crowned Miss Budapest, the event that subsequently launched her as a stripper and ultimately into her porn career. She made numerous European hardcore features. Anita became extremely successful in European porn and worked with several of the best known directors, such as Woodman and Dorcel. But early on, Anita couldn’t speak English at all, and of course that can be quite a drawback, especially if you want to conquer the U.S. market as well as Europe. Well, Anita still has that charming Hungarian accent, but she is quite fluent in American English these days, now that she has permanently transplanted her residence to Florida in the USA. Anita is relatively tall at 5’7”, she has luminous green eyes, a glorious smile, a fantastic freckle coated face (when not hidden by make-up) and naturally light brown hair, not black or blond, although she tends to keep it mostly blond. She is a self-proclaimed lover of anal sex, but unfortunately, she has done very little of this in her U.S. films. Many of her movies can be purchased at her website’s ( online store.

Nationality: Hungarian

Birthday: April 11

Languages spoken: Hungarian, English

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

Weight: 50 kg

Height: 170 cm


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